1) Xrays of the Imagination
2) When Our Heroes Die
3) Spaceship Girl
4) I Sit in Silence

5) Madman and Genuis
6) Surrounded by Roses
7) Spaghetti for my Yeti
8) Willy Wonka of the Vinyl World

I feel like I’m Tarzan, swinging from the trees.
As the jungle burns. I feel like the man who sold the world.
Counting all he’s earnt, in my sleep I tend to speak.
To the demons in my head, they dance on the radio.
Singing songs for the undead.
Is there a doctor in the house? I think I need some help.
I opened up a can of worms, I’m feeling ill, I’m running low.
My body won’t stop shaking and I might be hallucinating.

Nailed to a cross with a smile on your face.
Tied to a drip when love shoots through your veins.
Drowning in the laughter of the poison you taste.
In the words of the hungry ravenous for your fame.
When heroes die, what do we do?
Put a nail in the coffin, that we now wear as shoes.
When the pills and money will not suffice.
When the truth is more deadly, than the sharpest of knives.
When our heroes die.
A genius of roses in the mortalist of forms.
With a click of the fingers you break all the norms.

I saw a fallen angel burning up. As it was falling through the
clouds, I watched the mother ship burst into flames safely from
my home below.
A good friend claimed whilst spinning plates, Tarzan was on a
treadmill, he can’t catch a falling star, when he moves far too slow.
Oh spaceship girl
You’re out of this world
Out of this world
We cannot save you, we are the patron saints
of disappointment. As we melt away, melt away.

I sit in silence disconnected to the world around me.
I toil away undetected, not wanting to be seen,
But when I am seen, my anxiety elevates my heart rate.
I’m lost for words so I make them up, I trip over my tongue,
As my world flips upside down and comes crashing through the door.
And evil wears a face that I recognize,
But I’m not the man you knew before.
A dangerous, mistake, to make. Is to attempt to exert control.
On the things you can’t control. A dangerous, mistake, to make.
Is to pretend that you don’t care, when you really care,
But can’t accept your fate.

Lost in a fiery sea
Hot under the collar holding a gun
Keep giving me the run around
Until my legs dissolve and my heart breaks.
Creeping like a thief
Betraying your instincts
Drive me out of town
When I light the fuse, I’ll leave pronto.
You’ve got to keep going
There’s no point knowing the answers
To the questions we’ve endured
I hear a madman lurks when genius works
So be careful of the cure.

Gravedigger, oh you’re a moody motherf@#ker!
You like collecting bugs and stealing drugs, hey there gravedigger.
Gravedigger, I bet your feeling pretty lucky, contemplating life,
in your garden of saturated death.
And when they look into your eyes, they notice the way you think,
emotions that you just can’t hide, they’re holes in the ground
You think you’ve got it easy and your life’s worthwhile, saying that its pretty good. Surrounded by roses.
Dig me a hole, for my soul. More worn out, than your shoes.
Wave and smile, at everyone for a while.
During a funeral to confuse.

My Yeti eats spaghetti, and he gets really
messy, he gets so messy, he gets so messy,
he gets so messy!
Your Yeti eats your dinner, cos you eat dinner slow,
you turn your head and off he goes!
Eats the chicken off your plate, slurps the soup
from your bowl, even eats the brussel sprouts
that you hid under your toes!
Now your yeti’s tummy is very full
And you begin to laugh when he spins around
on the floor and rips a Yeti fart! Here it comes!

Cut me up, roll me up, and blind me in both eyes.
F@#k me up, make me sick, force feed me all of your lies.
Tear me down, build me up, and burn me to the ground.
Break my toys, feel the noise, in the voices as you drown,
I’m down.
In case of emergencies, please break the glass, take this stone and replace my heart. That was torn to shreds by those laughing in my face when they cause me harm.
So now I’m feeling sleep deprived, and I yearn for rest,
And I’d love to dream,
About a day when I don’t wake up scared.
Everywhere I walk; people stop and stare at me.
Downloading all my memories onto a battered USB.
Every time I talk, I lose another tooth.
My head feels like a baseball hit by Babe Ruth…
I’m Willy Wonka of the Vinyl World,
Do you like my song? Yeah, I sing it loud!
My tunes are sweet! Yeah, literally…
My backing band are two-foot-three!
…I’m Down… I’m upside Down…
I’m Willy Wonka of the Vinyl World.

When work began on Xrays of the Imagination in fall 2015, Jim and Sean had no intention of creating an album that would be commercial. It was a collection of experimental songs with songs consisting multiple parts. As the new material took on a life of its own, it became clear that the album in process was unique and a departure from their work of the preceding decade. Choosing to follow wherever the creative impulse took them, TCT embraced novel sounds, lyrics, and arrangements, producing what would become a celebration of their musical influences, both current and past. The song “When Our Heroes Die” was a fast track composed shortly after the passing of David Bowie. Other songs on the album were admittedly inspired by the work of such ground-breaking artists as the Beatles. Not only is this album a paean to their heroes, it is a gift to their fans.

Released September 6, 2017
Recorded and Mixed 09/2015 - 08/2017 at Viaduct Studios
Mastering Engineer: Jake Shives
All songs written, produced and copyrighted by
Dunlop/Radford 2017. All rights reserved.
Published by Monkey Chomp 2017
Represented by Viaduct Records
Cover art by Hill Dunlop


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