1) Heavy Like a Rock
2) John Wayne
3) Lead Balloon
4) Shades of Gray
5) Because She Is Love
6) Over a Desk
7) Messed Up
8) Brain in a Jar
9) Daughter of Morpheus
10) Tears in the Rain
11) DNA Bounce
12) Bad Milk
13) In Between
14) Reality Bites
15) In Limbo
16) Lost in Confusion

I may float like Jesus, most people call me Judas.
I may float just like a witch, but I am not magic.
Feeling heavy like a rock, with a belly of regret.
The bucket full of sorrow, is where I dunk my head.
Feeling heavy like a rock, in a sea of despair.
Cast away to decay, but won’t even care.
I may look like Caesar, most people call me Brutus.
I may moan like a bitch, but that’s not all of the time.

John Wayne's feet are coconuts, he never needs to use a horse
Everywhere he'd go you hear him walk, and then he'd drink his milk before he spoke and say...
My name's John Wayne, I'm Batman's brother, we don't look the same
We've got a different mother, my name's John Wayne.
John Wayne grew a mighty beard, of bees and ate some jellyfish
I think that was his favourite dish, but if he ate too fast he'd get a stitch...

They always treat me like a fool, they say I'm stupid!
They tell me I need help, this world in which I inhabit.
It makes me feel uncomfortable...
Life is automatic, I'm never in control, and when the colours fade
I crawl into a hole, if I die, I'll die laughing, howling at the moon
Every-day's a struggle in my lead balloon!
Its hard to smile with, a mouth full of shit.
I do this everyday, because I know the truth.
It makes me feel uncomfortable...

Can you see there's blood on my hands?
The washing machine, oh it understands.
It cleans my clothes when I've been bad.
It gives me hope when the sun turns black.
Life’s rich tapestry, shades of gray, soaked in disease and I won’t, uncage you, cos, I need you, and baby, I love you.
My mind is swamped with curious thoughts.
There's spoon in my mouth and my tongue is a fork.
It’s hard to laugh when it’s hard to breathe.
With a shark in our soup it’s time to eat.
Where do you think you’re going?
No one can hear you scream.
In my garden there's something growing and you cannot run from me.
My cabin is out in the woods.
Its cold outside so maybe I should.
Hold you close and take care of your heart.
Bury your body beneath the stars.

In the morning after the night before
When all the stars have disappeared
In the shadows of mighty mountain giants
When I am scared she never feels fear.
Because she is love, she picks me up when I'm down
And makes me happy when I'm sad
She picks me up when I'm down and makes me happy when I'm sad.
When the world is heavy on my shoulders
I know who'll be there to take the strain
When I am frayed around the edges
She'll fix me up and take away the pain.

Eyes are red, eyes are raw and closed, to all in front i do not see,
And do not want to know. Eyes are red, eyes are raw, and my eyes are closed. Refuse to interpret all i see, so just keep em closed.
Drawing heavily on inspiration, until the pencil breaks.
Slumped over a desk, dreaming believing, until when i wake.
But outside is where it’s all happening, outside dreams exist.
Endorphins rush, make for the door.
But the chariots move too fast, too swift…
Thought i saw a light on, thought i saw a flicker of hope.
Thought a heard you speaking, thought i saw a length of rope!
Thought you were a legend in a lunchtime, am i wrong?
A footnote in a tea break, man! Please don’t tell me i was wrong…

Lurking in the shadows, but cannot be forgotten.
On your head like head lice, the apple of your eye is rotten.
A twitching rabbit in the headlights, is frozen to the spot.
The cars fly pass one hundred miles per hour, but will never stop.
The pain of love is saying goodbye, they love it when they see us cry.
The monsters smile when our dreams die,
Monsters rise up from the dead.
When hearts break it hurts one's head,
More sudden then a sudden death.
Why do I say these things? I guess I’m just messed up.
Somewhere in the shadows, lives the dudes with the blues.
The losing horse was eaten of course, second to last is glue.
The twitching rabbit in the headlights, is now a stain on the road.
Its early triumphs faded, it went pop so I’m told.

Like a house of cards. It could fall apart. But that's not gonna happen.
No that's not gonna happen.
Like an asteroid. We could destroy. The life that made us happy.
So we put our brains inside a jar, so love could be saved.
Yes we put our brains inside a jar, so perfection would not fade.
Like a pet dog. That has just been shot! Sometimes things turn sour.
Like a messed up teen. With a shattered dream. That the media devours.

I met a girl at the bar, we talked about the stars, we joked about my nasty boss,
And how I crashed his car!
Did I mention my insomnia? And how every single night I lie awake in my bed,
But cannot close the eyes in my head.
And yet, the daughter of Morpheus will not play with me, I want to dream,
but I can't sleep.
I can't produce the melatonin, so I need pharmaceuticals,
To keep me young and sane, if I was only like a dolphin,
I could sleep with half a brain.

I'm Icarus close to the sun, with paradise on fire.
The wheels fell off the wagon again. In god's name just go.
Feeling lost, like tears in the rain. So toss me in the fiery sea,
And never speak my name.
I won the battle, but not the war, with mechanical disciples.
Here's food for thought, my mind's forgot, to eat again today.
Never speak my name again!

If you're not happy with your situation
And there's too many numbers in life's equation
Just drop a zero and turn your face and
Make your D.N.A bounce to the radio station
Bur bur bur bur bur bur bur BOUNCE!
You can be a hero if the world needs saving
Yeah land the plane not burst into flames and
Star in a film that's critically acclaimed then
Make your D.N.A bounce to the radio station

Why would you wanna be with me? I can't give you anything.
I've got no soul or no money, I'm a million broken hearts.
So why would you wanna be with me? When it rains my roof leaks.
My tears could fill the sea, that Mosses could not part.
I don't feel like I'm your love, girl my milk's gone bad.
Please wake me from this bad dream, and make me some fresh coffee.
Why would you wanna be with me? I can't give you anything.
I've got no soul or no money, I'm a million broken hearts.
So why would you wanna be with me?
The flowers I bought you, were dirt cheap
I know you say that you love me, but can I make you happy.

Injecting venom into their brains, hate fueled love sickness just rearranged.
Fools watch clowns and idiots clap, as microwaves dissolves my synapse.
But I can't get enough, I've lost control,
My heads in the clouds, then gravity takes hold
Through shards of light I fall and scream, I'm not dead or alive...
I'm in-between
Police sleeping at their desks, deflecting bullets and bouncing cheques
War filled eye on repeat, broken smiles are chewing meat.

Subtle as a knife of an amputee, performing open heart surgery.
Now what began as hope, hangs on a rope, and ends in despair again.
Reality bites with teeth like knives, swallows hard then spits you out,
And begins a new life.
I heard death's rattle in my baby's hand,
I'm feeling dead inside, and thats where I stand.
I'm blind like the boy, known as the Venetian,
And if I do exist, I'm facing deletion.

Welcome to my world, it doesn't exist
A solid place in limbo, thats full of fish
Where humans are hand grenades
Then shaken up like we're lemonade.
So, Welcome... To my world, please take a seat.
I think I've felt this before, its déjà vu!
Twisted white limbs in a wall, will not let me move.
Welcome to my world, between lost and found
A solid place in limbo, and apocalypse is now
Where paper planes fly into space
And then they burn up without a trace.

I float upon the Dead Sea, the ocean sprays into my eyes,
And it feels like sharpened knives!
The waters full of bodies, of those who have jumped ship,
I try to talk in the sleepy morgue, oh yes I do, but I cannot move my lips!
I'm lost, I'm gone forever, that is how I feel, I'm lost!
I lay by the road side. The car that hit me broke my bones,
Even so I won't go home.
Twisted like a creepy mind that's full of freaky shit,
I try to talk in the sleepy morgue, oh yes I do, but I cannot move my lips!
I'm lost, I'm gone forever, that is how I feel, I'm lost!
There's a chemical that kills our visions.
There's a babe in the Garden of Eden.
There's a brain that's bored of thinking.
There's a ghost in that bottle you're drinking.
Inside this fishbowl, we can't swim, we sink like rocks, and we walk like chimps.
We're not evolved we still have fins, our eyes are full of confusion.
There's a mystery that's made from tattoos.
There's an ambulance heading for you.
There's a superstar who's on the moon.
There's a smile that will welcome you soon.
Inside this fishbowl, we can't swim, we sink like rocks, and we walk like chimps.
We're not evolved we still have fins, our eyes are full of confusion.

The concept behind "What is it, and how did it get in there?" was that as songs were written, they would be recorded, and a music video would be produced simultaneously and released on TCT's facebook page. The album came together over the course of a year with "Messed Up" as the first track and video completed in June 2012. When the album reached about 16 songs, Jim and Sean formally released the album.

Released March 16, 2013
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered 2012 - 2013 at Viaduct Studios
All songs written, produced and copyrighted by
Dunlop/Radford 2013. All rights reserved.
Published by Monkey Chomp 2013
Represented by Viaduct Records
Cover art by Hill Dunlop
Special thanks to Joe Ridgway (synth) on "Tears in the Rain" and Sean Nasrey for appearing in the music video for "Lead Balloon"


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